WAVE Congress

The Enterprise Event For Augmented & Virtual Reality, And Wearable

This 1-day high level conference will bring together technologists and end users working in AR / VR and Wearables alongside potential enterprise partners looking to deploy solutions in their business

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Conference Program

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Welcome and Opening Remarks
Keynote Address - James Woodall, CTO, Intoware
Discussion - Integrating an AR/VR and Wearable Strategy. The Challenges and Potential Pitfalls

In this discussion the panel evaluate the steps for successful implementation, who to partner with and the strategies for change management and adoption. Is this right for your business. The panel determine the business case. What to consider in executing a trial program How to select the right technology partner for your business Employment of best practice and risk management How to manage change and gain employee acceptance Who owns the data? Wearables offer an abundance of data but this comes with challenges over IP and security How to ensure full scale adoption is successful and how to avoid the pitfalls

Aerospace Case Study - Nigel Higgins, Architect, PLM Systems, Airbus

Airbus Operations Limited has only relatively recently started to really exploit virtual reality.

The needs which VR addresses have for decades been met by more traditional methods.

The presentation will explain the needs and the traditional approach.

It will then cover a view of the data process and the challenges that this illustrates and why this is forcing change.

It will be explained why the traditional methods are no longer suitable and the role of Virtual Reality as part of this.

It will then focus on the specific use case of the Bristol site detailing the constraints, aspirations and final solution.

Ending with a brief look at some of the lower end technologies to compliment the use of Virtual Reality as well as a brief description of where we are looking to develop.”

Networking Break
Case Study - Construction
Discussion - Improvements in Design, Process and Implementation

Panellist: Colin Tait, Business Development Manager, Serious Games International

Virtual and augmented technology is helping manufacturers get an idea of how their processes are performing, as it can help them spot problems and areas ripe for improvement. In this session the panel discuss How virtual reality and augmented reality can help designers get a far more precise idea of what a product will look like and how it will function much earlier in the development process than previously. How VR can be used to accelerate and improve decision making in the manufacturing process The technical challenges of implementing What efficiencies can be gained and the business case for adoption The insight from data collected and outcomes

Case Study: Wearables - Body Worn Sensors
Networking Lunch
Case Study - Logistics
Discussion – Manufacturing Efficiencies

How businesses are deploying AR & VR technology into production environments today Pilot to Production strategies and case studies

Digital Disruption and consumerization in Utilities

Speaker: David Goldsby, Technology Innovation Manager, National Grid Gas Distribution

  • How does a large scale utility company starts to make sense of market and technology disruption.
  • Adoption of technology engagement model called the Xperience Lab where the focus is for hands on business learning of emerging technology.
  • Creation of an internal agile development team to provide rapid prototypes to test value in technology.
  • Provide insight into culture change required to really make a change with small steps in innovation without losing the bigger picture.
Networking Break

Speaker : Brian Waterfield MSc, Virtual Reality & High-end Visualisation Technical Lead, Research & Technology, Jaguar Landrover

Jaguar Landrover has been at the very forefront for industrial Virtual reality for a while now, and making the most of this technology is one of the key elements to igniting the imagination and inspiring creativity. Over the last 10 years Jaguar Landrover have used VR within their product creation process, in this talk i will show example, discuss advantages, look towards the future, examine the challenges and explain how revolutionary design can move from the creative mind onto our streets, aided by immersive technology

In this session you will:-

  • Understand how Jaguar Landrover use VR in their product creation process
  • Understand how to take advantage of this exciting technology
  • Realise the need to INVEST in immersive technology
  • Recognise problems / challenges still to be addressed in VR
  • Improve efficiency in product development, getting the product closer to the customer
Discussion - Where do we go from here?

Moderator: James Woodall, CTO, Intoware

The panel discuss the future of implementing new technologies and how this will impact long term on their business strategy. What ROI will there be and when? How to evaluate a successful adoption What are the global requirements necessary for successful integration What needs to change for implementation to work.

Closing Remarks

Breakout Workshops

11.30am -12.30pm Workshop
Implementing a Wearable Strategy

One of the most compelling drivers of wearables in the enterprise is helping field services. With these tools, experts can see what the technician in the field is seeing, even if he or she is half a world away. This session looks at the impact of training, support and data

2.30pm-3.30pm Workshop
Harnessing VR in the Enterprise

This break out session will give the opportunity to hear from experts on how VR is improving efficiencies and processes in enterprise. Hear examples of VR being used in service and support, training, sales & marketing, design implementation


Andrew Kimitri, Founder, Fhoss Illuminated Safety Wear Fhoss Illuminated Safety Wear Logo
Andrew Kimitri

Fhoss Illuminated Safety Wear

Andrew Kimitri was born in Weston Super Mare, and studied civil engineering at college then joining the family business. His experience includes hotel management, owning and running a chain of bars and night clubs and managing a wholesaling business.

Andrew now applies his time and professional skills into the establishment and operation of Fhoss International, over the past years since the birth of FHOSS, have applied my skills in manufacturing, development of a new global patented product, international supply channels and opening in international routes to market, through large established distributors and marketing our business directly to end users.

Andrew has assembled a team of professional and experienced business people that provide the range of skills necessary for the successful implementation of FHOSS’S strategic plan.

Blaine Tookey, Principal Technologist, BP Information Technology & Services (IT&S) BP Information Technology & Services (IT&S) Logo
Blaine Tookey
Principal Technologist

BP Information Technology & Services (IT&S)

Mr. Blaine Tookey works in the BP’s Digital Innovation Office where he is responsible for solving BP business problems that don’t lend themselves to traditional IT solutions through adoption of digital technology innovation. The team accelerates adoption of new technology by increasing senior-executive-level awareness of the business possibilities created by emerging digital technology trends and running proof of concept projects that have potential for wide scale adoption.. Mr. Tookey has been responsible for development of wireless technology for industrial environments and predictive analytics for refining and E&P business both of which have won internal and external awards for this work. Blaine’s current focus is jointly leading DIO’s work on business solutions for asset and people tracking, Internet of Things and the use of wearables technology. Prior to DIO he had roles as the global refining performance leader for process control, simulation and separations in BP’s refining business; he developed the strategy and technology program for the refinery of the future remote plant monitoring program; he was the program manager for reviewing and implementing solutions to improve the digital security of the process control systems for the refining and chemicals businesses and led the global refining advanced control team.
Brian Waterfield MSc, Virtual Reality & High-end Visualisation Technical Lead, Research & Technology, Jaguar Landrover Jaguar Landrover Logo
Brian Waterfield MSc
Virtual Reality & High-end Visualisation Technical Lead, Research & Technology

Jaguar Landrover

I have always had a passion for technology, from early days playing with anything that buzzed, rang or made you jump; so you would think I would move from school into technology of some sort, but no I became a carpenter / joiner, and my early years were spent building things.

When I joined Jaguar Landrover I started as a pattern marker, using my carpentry skills to help create the concepts of the future, but what really caught my eye were inspection machines, computers, and the 3D space. My childhood fascinations had awoken and then there was no stopping me; first Inspection, then design, onto packaging, then designing physical properties in CAD, but still developing them in the physical world.

This process gave me great insight into ergonomics both physical and virtual; so adding this to my developing skill set, I introduce virtual reality into JLR, and 2007 I commissioned one of the world’s leading virtual environments the VRCAVE. I also added to the complexity of the task by returning to university and completing a MSc in virtual reality and gaming technology; this gave me the tools to evolve the VRcentre into the Virtual innovation centre that is operating today, supporting the vehicle development process. Today you will find me in Research, developing the virtual techniques for the future of JLR, whilst also imputing into the next great state of the art centre of excellence the Nation automotive innovation centre which will open in 2018



Christopher Freeman, Head of Digitally Assisted Assembly / Augmented Reality Technical Fellow, AMRC AMRC Logo
Christopher Freeman
Head of Digitally Assisted Assembly / Augmented Reality Technical Fellow


Chris Freeman is the technical fellow for augmented reality at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and head of Digitally Assisted Assembly (DAA).

His research is focused on the medium to high TRL development and integration of AR, VR and wearable technology in respect of assembly, MRO and digitally connected environments.

With a masters degree in design & manufacture, Chris has been a specialist in the area of visualisation for fifteen years, and has a wide range of experience developing applications in aerospace, civil nuclear, automotive and military sectors.

Chris is an active member in the VR and AR community and is a key contributor to the High Value Manufacturing Catapult Visualisation forum which is promoting the cross sector adoption of applied advanced visualisation.

Chris is currently focused on driving AMRC capability in DAA and developing work streams on the applied use of AR and wearable technology within the AMRC's new 'Factory 2050' facility.

Colin Tait, Business Development Manager, Serious Games International Serious Games International Logo
Colin Tait
Business Development Manager

Serious Games International

Colin has over 25 years’ experience of business development and implementation of technology based learning and performance support solutions for a wide range of blue chip, public sector and higher education clients. He has worked for several

the major providers in this market sector.

At Serious Games International, Colin is responsible for business development into Service organisations, Engineering, Nuclear Energy, Construction, Rail and major accounts. One key area is helping manufacturing organisations such as BAE Systems to innovate their production processes through VR and AR technologies.

Current projects include Hololens based collaborative design, virtual reality safety, manufacturing, employee induction and executive education training applications, driving simulators and urban incident response 3D simulation with realistic

crowds driven by artificial intelligence.

SGIL is an LPI accredited Learning Technologies Provider.

Contact Details

Email: colin.t@seriousgamesinternational.com

Direct Line: 07535 988 288

David Goldsby, Technology Innovation Manager, National Grid Gas Distribution National Grid Gas Distribution Logo
David Goldsby
Technology Innovation Manager

National Grid Gas Distribution

David Goldsby is the technology innovation manager for National Grid Gas Distribution, a UK gas distribution asset management owner and operator. National Grid gas Distribution owns and manages the network that connect people to the energy they need.

David established a new team called ‘ngLabs’ in September 15 in National Grid to answer a key challenge, how does a large scale utility company adopt and influence the latest technologies and vendors without disengaging end users? ngLabs provides an outlet for National Grid’s business ambitions and requirements to innovate with new technology. The team is responsible for idea creation, experimentation, and to productionize. Since then, David has now re-creates the team within Gas Distribution called Catalyst picking up where ngLabs left off and implemented a truly agile DevOps model to support need to develop and innovate quickly.

David has over 14 years of experience in the utility business across various roles from core business to support functions like Shared Services and IS. In his previous post, David managed the business relationship for the gas transmission for IS strategy, investment and services. He is a big believer in the power of BRM and leveraging relationships for real change.

David is passionate about the use of new emerging technologies in an enterprise IT landscape where his new team actively take the technology to the end user and stimulate the ideas at source.

Francisco Jeronimo, Research Director, European, Mobile Devices, IDC IDC Logo
Francisco Jeronimo
Research Director, European, Mobile Devices


Francisco Jeronimo is research director for European mobile devices at IDC. Based in London, he leads the research that covers mobile handset and wearables trends across Europe. His research examines the trends on operating systems, smartphones, feature phones, wearables, market dynamics, and in-depth analysis of the strategies and performance of the key industry players. Jeronimo is also responsible for the IDC European Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker service and IDC European Quarterly Wearables Tracker service.

Jeronimo has worked in the telecoms industry for 14 years, in countries such as Japan, Finland, and Portugal. Before joining IDC, he was responsible for the mobile devices business of LG in Portugal, in particular developing the open market channel and business with Vodafone. In Portugal, he worked with all the mobile operators and managed the distribution channel of the biggest mobile phone wholesaler. He launched a mobile software development company and did project management and consultancy in mobility for several companies in a number of industries. Before that, in 1998, he started working for the Nokia R&D Center in Japan and then in Finland.

Jeronimo is a regular commentator on trends in mobile telecommunications in leading industry and business publications, including the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, The Economist, CNBC TV, Bloomberg TV, Reuters, the BBC, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and CNET.

James Woodall, CTO, Intoware Intoware Logo
James Woodall


Currently CTO of Intoware, the company behind WorkfloPlus (http://www.workfloplus.com).

Previously, CEO of Ikanos Consulting, subsidiary of Kopin Corporation providing software and solutions for the Kopin family of wearable computing devices.

Further back I was the software developer for the Windows SideShow and Media Streaming capabilities of the i-mate Wireless Momento Digital Photo Frame.

Mark Sage, Executive Director, AREA AREA Logo
Mark Sage
Executive Director


Mark Sage is the founder and managing director of Sagey11 Ltd. His company providers strategic and operational consulting on marketing and business development, focusing on building lasting partnerships especially for technology start-up and scale-up companies. With a background in telecoms (15 years with Orange) he has also worked with and led various Alliances and Associations. Mark is currently the Executive Director of the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA). The AREA is the only global non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems AREA.

With a focus on creating value and ROI for its members his goal is to develop a robust and active ecosystem for AR within the enterprise. His background includes a strong interest in mobile, AR, VR, and IoT and he is excited to work with AR customers, providers and research organizations.

Nigel Higgins, Architect, PLM Systems, Airbus Airbus Logo
Nigel Higgins
Architect, PLM Systems


Nigel joined Airbus in 1987 as a technician apprentice and upon completion became a structures designer working on main stream design of A330/A340 and later conceptual design on FLA and A3XX (now flying as A400M and A380).

In 1999 he transitioned to the Knowledge Engineering team as an ICAD developer and later team lead for the Knowledge Based Engineering team delivering design automation tools and processes.

2002 saw a move to ICT leading the Mechanical CAD product line across Airbus including a number of CAD system migrations.

His current role is more UK focused as an architect in the organisation responsible for the PLM systems, this has included delivering a VR suite to the Filton site.

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Located right in the centre of the country. Our central location offers easy access to the region’s motorway and rail network, and international links via Birmingham International Airport. The bright and airy state-of-the-art facility features 120 m2 of purpose-built exhibition area, fitted with TV screens provides an ideal space to showcase new products and concepts.


Great support and execution, I couldn’t have asked for better Steve Jungmann, Founder and Managing Director, Somerset and Church

Great support and execution, I couldn’t have asked for better Steve Jungmann, Founder and Managing Director, Somerset and Church

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